Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well I have been a bit quite lately, However I have decided to take a new approach. I am doing some blog promoting at the moment on my facebook page and am hoping to find a few more followers. We just got home yesterday after our princess had her tonsils and her adenoids out but she is doing really well. I do hope to update this blog more often but unfortunately time just hasn't been on my side.

Anyway I must be off to do some crafting as my little prince has been having a very long day nap today and I have a baby card to make for a friend that had her 4th bundle of joy on friday a precious little girl. I am hoping to make this card using Baby Tees and Baby Bundle. Hope to have something to show you real soon.

I'm also playing around with my prince's 1st b'day invites. Yes thats right 1st b'day its gone so quick. He will be 1 on the 30th of September and time seems to be flying. I have found an idea of rocket ship - was a gift box and intend on turning into a stand up invite. I will post pictures of my experiment and a link to the creator when its done.

Have a nice sunny day xxx

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