Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well, Tonight my husband informed me collingwood was playing and he was off to watch half of it with his dad. I thought bonus peace and quiet. I knew I had a card I wanted to make for a dear friend whom I used to work with, who has just retired. So I sat down and made the following with 2 matching gift boxes. One for Maiya to give to her and one from me. Filled with yummy chocolates. :-)


  1. you are very clever, these look fantastic. what a great little gift idea!

  2. Hello Sarah!
    I can't find your email address to contact you directly!! I've been thinking of you HEAPS and hoping that all is well with your little one!
    THanks for the comment, Can you please forward me your email address??
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Smiles and Hugs SHarnee :0)