Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cleaning out my Cupboard

Well last night I decided to clean out my craft cupboard, in preparation for my exciting arrival of my Stampin Up kit that I will now have to find room for Woot Woot!!!

In my cleaning (maybe its nesting), I found my Scrapbook that I have nearly finished but not touched for so long, from a trip to Japan in 2002. I thought I might share a couple of pages, Before I show you some cards I have been working on today.
I have lots more but this is just a snippet. I will be back later with my cards. The battery just died in the camera, Time to charge up for "just in case" Don't want to get caught out with not having a camera for the hospital. Which also means i must back up photos and clear our memory card. Oh so much to do.......

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